Monday, January 4, 2010

What I'm Watching: Julie & Julia

Well, I did it. I finally caved and watched Julie & Julia. I was hesitant for so long because everyone was always saying, "You're a food blogger? You HAVE to see Julie & Julia!"

Being a Nora Ephron film, I expected it to be heartwarming and romantic, which it was. I guess you could say it was everything I expected it to be: cute, amusing and autobiographical. I enjoyed learning more about Julia Child's life through Meryl Streep's portrayal and the food in the film looked absolutely scrumptious.

I wasn't blown away, but I will say that Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were fantastic. The next best things in the film were the food, of course, and the costumes and European backdrop. It made me want to go to France even more!

During the Julie scenes, I found myself waiting for the story to go back to Julia. Don't get me wrong, I did relate to the Julie character a bit, and I did fantasize about having my own rooftop dinner parties, but I was just left wanting more. I'm not sure if this is a comment on Amy Adams versus Meryl Streep or if the vintage, European storyline was a bit more enticing. Perhaps it was the fact that Julia Child seemed to have more depth and a more unique character which was intriguing. Either way, Meryl Streep's performance was subtle and powerful at the same time, making me want to walk through the French markets with Julia, buying bread, fish and of course, butter for my next recipe.

In the end, I enjoyed the film and it did inspire me to want to cook more French food (especially the duck)! So voila, Julia -- you did your job of inspiring North Americans to want to learn how to cook like the French. Bon Appetit!

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