Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Shameless Birthday Request...With a Perk for YOU!

Hello people who read this blog!

It's been a while since I've posted, but it's great to be back! Since my last post, I wrote a piece about classic cocktails for Herd Magazine, started doing some work for a really cool company, and added member to my family! I adopted Eddie from Sit With Me Rescue and he is a happy boy who loves walks and cuddles. I really should have named him Mr. Snuggles.

I have also been working on some new projects for After the Harvest: a wine tasting project, a podcast, and another book -- this time a children's book with my sister Wendy of Tiny Brushstrokes. I'm very excited to share all of it with you, along with my new website which will eventually be found here. Stay tuned as these projects develop!

This Friday is my birthday. To celebrate, I have a shameless request! All I want for my birthday is for the last 5 copies of my coffee table book to be sold! I have 7 left from the first printing (2 of which are promised to friends), which leaves 5 remaining! I can't believe it hasn't even been a year since I launched the book, and it has been so cool to hear peoples' responses to the photos, the travel stories and the wine pairings! It has really been a gift to me to be able to share this passion project with all of you.

So...what's in it for you besides owning my book? Well, you get to put an even bigger smile on my face, but also, I've come up with a perk for the five people who buy the book. If you buy the book by Friday at noon, you will get entered into a draw where you could win this perk!

  • I will help you come up with a theme, menu, drink pairings and decor ideas for your next dinner party or small gathering -- this works regardless of where you live!

I know this is a bit cheeky, but it really is all I want for my birthday. Thank you to everyone who has already bought a book -- I hope you are enjoying it!