Friday, May 22, 2015

The After the Harvest Podcast, Episode 2: Josh McJannett, Dominion City Brewing Company

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I am excited to share Episode 2 of the After the Harvest Podcast! It has been a few months in the making due to day job commitments and that nasty Spring cold which also delayed things, but I am very happy to finally be sharing it with you! I have more episodes that I'm editing and I promise it won't take me as long to get those episodes on iTunes :)

You can find the podcast on iTunes here, and on Soundcloud here (also embedded below).

In this second episode I welcomed Josh McJannett of Dominion City Brewing Company! Listen in as we talk about beer, brownies, guacamole, and local farmers, among other things.

The music featured in this episode is from the talented singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski and his band who hail from Seattle, Washington. (Scroll to the end of this post for more music from Kris).

So, pull up a chair at the table and join me. Grab a drink and a favourite snack -- eat, drink and connect along with me and my guest.

To harvest means “to collect” or “gather” and there is nothing I love more than gathering great food and drink and even better people around a table. It is in these moments that we eat, drink, … and connect.  So, that image of sitting around a table enjoying good food and drink and great conversation? That’s what I hope this podcast will be.

Each episode I will invite a guest or two to my table to enjoy, and talk about, delicious food and drink -- as well as travel, childhood memories, in general. Each episode will also feature a band or musician, and I plan to focus on independent artists. I will also ask each of my guests my "trademark" After the Harvest Question: If they could have a dream dinner with 5 people, who would their guests be, where would the dinner take place (location and setting), and what would they be eating and drinking? Scroll down to see who Josh's dinner guests would be!

After each episode is launched, I will be providing "show notes" -- links to some of the people, places, food and drink my guest and I mention in the episode. See below for the show notes from this episode, and you can also enjoy some photos from Josh in this post!

All three above photos by Blair Gable Photography.

Show Notes: Episode 2

The After the Harvest Question: If you could have dinner with 5 guests (living or dead) anywhere in the world, who would you dine with, where would this dinner take place, and what would you eat and drink? 

Josh's Answer: 

Where: A beach in Tofino, B.C. 
Guests: Anthony Bourdain, Michael Jackson (not that one), Peter Mansbridge, Margaret Atwood, and Lester B. Pearson
Food: Fresh-caught salmon cooked over a fire
Drinks: A B.C. Beer - an island-brewed IPA and an Okanagan Valley white wine
Dessert: Dominion City's Lost Train Oatmeal Stout served with a warm brownie :) 

We also talked about some of Josh's favourite things:
  • Dream Concert: Opener -- Hey Rosetta, Headliner -- The Band
  • Favourite movie: Jurassic Park
  • Favourite book: The Grapes of Wrath
  • Favourite actor: Denzel Washington
  • Favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Josh also shared his wife Margaux's recipe for chocolate cake made with Dominion City Lost Train Oatmeal Stout, so stay tuned to the blog as I'll be making the cake and sharing the recipe with all of you! Thank you for listening, reading, eating, drinking and connecting.

Hope to see you at the Dominion Day party! 

Check out the video for Believer by Kris Orlowski! 

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